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Oracle Fusion Middleware Scanning

we have followed the instructions as per the above, but still seems that limited information is coming back if i select the type 'Oracle FMW' in all evidence? There is more evidence under type 'Any'. for example Weblogic should be under Oracle FMW, but its not.

That leads me to believe that if the its not under Oracle FMW then it will not be included in the GLAS report? 

then we also noticed our reconciliation process is taking longer, can this be a result of the Oracle FMW scanning being activated?

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By Level 8 Champion
Level 8 Champion


I have an ongoing ticket Case #02521041 in regards to Oracle FMW. To start with we had issues that it was not scanning the file structure, followed that it was not copying the FMW evidences and did not encrypt it into the NDI files. The later looks like it was resolved by InventorySettings vers 64 released last week.

But we still have the issue that we have no unrecognized or recognized Oracle FMW evidences when looking in the UI. I will update here as well if we are figuring out what happens. Do you get some evidences listed as type Oracle FMW or as us that none are listed under that type?

thanks for the reply. yes we do get some evidence under Oracle FMW, about 7 or some applications, however i expected a lot more. 

@KGrieve / @mag00_75 - Bear with me as I try to explain what you are seeing, which is what I would expect.

First, you need to understand that the All Evidence view does NOT show every piece of raw evidence.  What is shown on this view are the "patterns" in the ARL that the raw evidence is compared to.  Please look at the images that I have attached, which will hopefully explain this better.

First, I have included an image taken from the Evidence tab of an inventory device.  What is nice about the Evidence tab is that the raw evidence is shown, whether from the Flexera Agent or from a 3rd-party data source.  In this example, we can see raw Oracle Fusion Middleware evidence capture by the Flexera Agent, identifying the version and edition of WebLogic Server.

Second, I have included an image from the All Evidence view.  I have searched on the same raw Software Name and a partial filter on the version number.  In this view, you can see that this is an ARL "pattern" as the version number has a wild card match of "12.2.%", a publisher name of "Oracle%", and the exact same software name.  However, note that the Evidence Type is listed as ANY instead of Fusion Middleware.  This is because what is happening is that the raw evidence that we see on the Evidence tab of the device is being matched to this pattern in the ARL.

This is why you likely do not see a lot of evidence on the All Evidence or Discovered Evidence view where the type is "OracleFMW".

In fact, where you do see this type listed as evidence, it is likely because it is evidence that does not map to the ARL, and you will therefore see this on the Unrecognized Evidence view.

Any 'unrecognized' evidence is shown on the All Evidence and Discovered Evidence tab in its raw form.

OK, thank you for your patience and I hope this helps to explain what you are seeing.  The only place you will see the actual "raw" Fusion Middleware Evidence is:
1) On the Evidence tab of an Inventory Device
2) In the actual NDI file generated by the agent

By Level 8 Champion
Level 8 Champion

@kclausen Thanks for a very good explanation, I can find the raw evidence type OracleFMW is our environment on the devices for the classic weblogic, forms and reports and as you expected we do not have any under unrecognized nor discovered evidences.

Still have some issues with some computers which only get the BEA type for "Weblogic Server for FMW" which then maps to unspecified edition of weblogic.

@mag00_75 - Specifically in relation to WebLogic, and in case you haven't reviewed this already, check out the following article which discusses limitations regarding recognition of Oracle WebLogic installations: Recognizing Oracle WebLogic editions.

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