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Leveraging Flexera One's APIs to pull data to build Dashboards in ElasticSearch

Dear Community,

We were looking to leverage the Flexera One APIs to collect data on Applications, and the license counts for these applications. We would then want to use the collected data to build dashboards that will be able to complement Flexera. We would also want to refresh the data on a nightly basis, to ensure that we are at most a day behind the actual data. Can anyone please let me know if this is a viable solution and if anyone was able to build a similar system?


Rohit Upadhya

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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

This might be a viable solution if the particular data you are looking to extract is covered by the APIs.

From your question it sounds like you may be working with the ITAM capabilities in Flexera One. Here's a link to information about APIs that are currently available to access Flexera One ITAM data:

If you find the APIs don't quite cover the data that you're looking for, please consider voting on relevant ideas and/or submitting your own idea to add what's missing. This can be done in Flexera Ideas at

Here are some existing ideas related to Flexera One ITAM APIs which may be relevant to your scenario:

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