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Installation of Flexera Agent on Azure VMSS or AKS


We have several Azure VMSS and AKS in place and assuming Flexera Agent will assist on tracking the license usage of nodes and instance.  How do you install and apply the agent to a VM scale set or AKS services since the nodes/instance may get scale in and scale out?

Or does Flexera even works for VMSS or AKS?

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For Azure VMSS you may want to include the inventory agent into the template being used to scale out with more instances.

For AKS please refer to Kuberneties documentation 


Will check the template used for VMSS. however confused on the AKS since one of the requirement is

Log on to a device that:

  • Runs a supported version of Linux
  • Has a web browser with network access to the web application server for FlexNet Manager Suite, where your account must have operator privileges to see the appropriate page
  • Is a node within your [first] Kubernetes cluster
  • Has a running instance of Docker
  • Either hosts an OCI container registry, or has network access to an OCI container registry, that is available to your Kubernetes cluster.

The node/instance don't have internet browsing nor docker. Not sure how the agent can be installed.


You will need an environment with the pre-requisites mentioned to facilitate the download and prepare the Kubernetes inventory agent, i.e. the link I included  above outlines the download and preparations steps to get started preparing the agent to get deployed into the Kubernetes cluster.