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Flexera One security information


I was wondering where we can find any information concerning the security around Flexera One. This mainly applies for the questions we could receive from customers who are interested in Flexera One and need to be aware of the security around it. There are some security questions I could answer, but there are which I cannot. For example: 

- How is security arranged within the Cloud Provider AWS?
- Is the solution (Flexera One) being PEN tested?
- Where do the datacenters reside, where Flexera One is active?
- Where is data stored?
- Etc Etc

Hope someone can help with this




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Flexera One security documentation is available from Getting Started with Administration and its subsections. Flexera's official legal pages also provide some security information.

Flexera can on request get involved in specific security questionnaires and provide further details to the customer. Please request such engagement through Flexera's customer success and/or account/alliances team. This can include information like Flexera's architectural design of the AWS infrastructure used, penetration test summary reports, location of the American/European data centers, etc.