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Flexera One UI Slowness in populating the features while trying to access

Hi Forum,

we got recently transitioned to Flexera one and users are complaining that the the features when clicked taking time to populate the results and at times its saying " Sorry this is taking longer than expected and we'll have it ready" users are not at happy with this kind of pop ups in the new UI .

thought of checking if this is instance specific or how are the other customers feeling while exploring the UI and any suggestions.

Flexera One UI error.jpg


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(I think you know already so my response is more for the broader audience...)

It's a good idea to check general status from Flexera System Status Dashboard in situations like these as Flexera would announce service degradations, etc. there. It's also a good idea to subscribe to updates from Flexera from the top of this page to make sure you receive notifications about planned downtime, service degradation, etc.


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