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By Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

Flexera has released a new Cloud Dashboard and new metrics to show how much has been saved from rate reduction optimization.   The new Rate Reduction Savings Dashboard shows how much has been saved by purchasing reserved instances, savings plans, and spot instances for AWS (other clouds will be added in the future).  Included with this update are new metrics available for graphs and tabular view.

New Metrics introduced:

  • List Price—The price paid to the cloud provider before any discounts (including benefits from commitments). Bill Adjustments apply to ListPrice. The List Price can be either amortized or unamortized.            
  • Savings—The amount of savings. This is the difference between List Price and Cost.
  • Savings Percentage—The percentage of Savings compared to List Price.

You can use the new metrics in the Cloud Dashboard and Tabular View to create powerful insights to help you understand where you are getting the most out of your rate reduction optimization.  The metrics can also be used with the Bill Analytics API to create custom insights outside of Flexera One.  

It's important to understand that not all cost have savings.  Savings are only applied to spend where commitments such as Savings Plans, Reserved Instances and Spot Instances have been purchased.  This would include items like EC2 Instances, RDS Instances, and other items where commitments are purchased.  Spend not covered under commitments will not show savings.  

Rate Reduction Savings ChartRate Reduction Savings Chart


Rate Reduction Savings TableRate Reduction Savings Table

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