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By Level 8 Flexeran
Level 8 Flexeran

The Flexera SaaS Management (FSM) Data Ingestion Utility is a client-based Windows desktop tool to help upload data
from your organization’s multiple SaaS applications on a regular schedule. This utility now offers an out-of-the-box catalog
of preconfigured settings for ingesting and processing SaaS usage data.

These preconfigured settings offer the following benefits:

  • Simplified onboarding process.
  • Configuration validation to help minimize the risk of configuration errors and data integrity issues.
  • Scalability to add new SaaS applications without significant constraints.
  • Data compatibility that enables ingested data to be transformed, formatted, and structured in a way that aligns with
    the specific requirements of downstream data processing and analysis.
  • Security and data privacy that ensures sensitive data is handled in a compliant and secure manner.

For more information, see the KB article Flexera SaaS Management Data Ingestion Utility.