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With Flexera One Technopedia Public API generally available early this year, the work continues to bring various "enrichment packs" (aka "content packs") associated with products and releases that are captured in Technopedia. Two of the packs were part of the GA: Lifecycle and Support, Hardware Specifications. And now, we're excited to announce that another pack is now available in the API: Open Source Enrichment Pack.


Open Source Enrichment Pack allows Technopedia to drive various use-cases around open source by providing attributes to accurately identify whether a particular software application or component is open source, along with the type of restrictions associated with it. This enrichment, down the road, will facilitate the organizations' capability to better manage the composition of their software assets, depending on their appetite (or aversion) towards incorporating open source in their portfolio.


What makes this enrichment even more exciting is the fact that it is fully powered by the open source catalog coming from Flexera's very own subsidiary, Revenera's Software Composition Analysis (SCA) solution. Revenera's Code Insight is an industry-leading SCA solution that helps organizations manage their open source compliance and security needs, bringing in one of the largest open source knowledge bases in the industry, with more ~18 million components.


Open Source Enrichment Pack is included as part of Technopedia Enrichment Pack subscription (available to all Flexera One IT Visibility customers as well as customers with Technopedia-only subscription). It is currently only accessible through the Flexera One Technopedia Public API (GraphQL). We're actively working to make it an integral part of IT Visibility's inventory data--via IT Visibility Dashboards as well as export capabilities--in the second half of this year.


Details on attributes that are available as part of this pack can be found in our Technopedia API datasets documentation (Open Source Enrichment attributes are captured in the following datasets: ScaOpenSource, componentLicenseData, versionLicenseData, keywordsData).

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