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Flexera Alumni

Flexera One users will notice the availability of a new root-level menu item, “SBOM Management.” This is the first of multiple planned steps to integrate Revenera’s SBOM capabilities with Flexera One.

Why the Software Supply Chain Matters

There’s more to modern software than meets the eye. A single software application includes various parts from multiple developers and components from third-party providers—all delivered via different systems from both inside and outside a software vendor’s organization. Net—the software applications you use throughout your enterprise are complex.

Vulnerabilities—like Log4j—do happen. Quickly knowing where you might have an issue is critical to ensuring a high level of data security.  

SBOM Insights ingests data from a wide range of sources and then unifies all internal and external SBOMs into a single, actionable view.





SBOM Insights for Inventory Management

With SBOM Insights, you not only have the ability to identify and record all third-party IP through a complete and accurate SBOM, but to collect your SBOM parts from multiple sources—in various industry formats—in the cloud. This method of cloud inventory management provides full visibility to all third-party components to designated users within your organization.

Building software? SBOM Insights creates transparency into the complete makeup of not just the software you use, but also what you build for both your customers and downstream supply chain partners at any time.

SBOM Insights creates an active repository—with actionable data—of what’s in ALL your applications. With everything coming from your enterprise catalogued, when the next high-profile vulnerability hits, you have the unified data at your fingertips to quickly uncover your exposure and expediently fix problems in all of the software components coming from inside and outside your organization.

Revenera SBOM Insights gives you the ability to manage security and legal risk by maintaining an actionable SBOM in the cloud.

Have questions? Reach out to @alexrybak or @kemorton for more.

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