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By Level 2 Flexeran
Level 2 Flexeran
We are excited to announce the launch of our new IT Visibility Dashboards! This update results from lessons learned from more than 15 different IT Visibility Proof of Concept (POC) efforts conducted in 2022. These POCs used a particular Dashboard template, which was updated after each POC to result in more intuitive and robust dashboards that better meet the needs of the Economic Buyer.
ITV - New Dashboard 2-3-2023.PNG



What's new with the Dashboards? (Customer Value Drivers)

  • More intuitive dashboards based on lessons learned.
  • More robust insight capabilities based on POC use cases.
  • Previous generation dashboards will still be available in the Legacy folder.

What additional benefits and value you can expect from the new Dashboards include: (Positive Business Outcomes)

  • An Executive Summary on the landing page that combines hardware and software.
  • Clean and categorize folders for specific use case dashboards.
  • More straightforward navigation of filters with full drill-through capabilities.
  • Advanced Insight Metrics (calculations), including the current lifecycle stage name.
  • Scheduling and emailing reports, including CSV exports of report data
  • Dashboard sorting within charts & graphs to highlight the most critical data - including updated legends
  • Charts are interactive, allowing dashboard-to-dashboard, dashboard-to-insight, and insight to URL links
  • Insight to action with AdminStudio Workflow
  • Self-Service for nontechnical users can search data as they see fit and then create custom reports, charts, or dashboards.
  • Confidence knowing these dashboards were battle tested and harvested from the front lines of our SE POC efforts.
We hope you will enjoy using the new IT Visibility Dashboards to support your value-based conversations, and we look forward to hearing your feedback.