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By Level 5 Flexeran
Level 5 Flexeran


To enhance the user experience for Flexera One, we will soon be launching a new user-assisting feature, we are calling Guides. 

Applies to:

  • Regions: NAM and EMEA.
  • Users: The experience will be different, some users may not see it at all. 

Guides: will guide Flexera One user to help navigate Flexera One. Example of such advice includes and are not limited to:

  • Help navigate Flexera One when the user signs in the first time. This includes showing how to use the left navigation menu, switch orgs, access user settings, and accept an invitation.
  • Guiding the setup process, for example, setting up a connection, setting up a beacon, setting up a new cloud bill for FinOps, etc.  
  • Guiding the visual changes made, for example, the data grid has changed, the action controls are moved, the left navigation menu item(s) changed or moved, etc. 
  • The guidance will appear in form of a tooltip pointing to the area with a description. 

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