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By Level 9 Flexeran
Level 9 Flexeran


I am delighted to announce we have extended the Flexera Kubernetes/OpenShift inventory agent to support Kubernetes/OpenShift on IBM Z mainframe z/VM or KVM virtualization. This release will provide visibility into Kubernetes/OpenShift cluster and IBM products/Cloud Pak’s licensing running in Kubernetes containers by integrating with IBM License Service running on IBM Z z/VM or KVM.

Kubernetes/OpenShift on IBM Z Support

This release is going to provide support for Kubernetes/OpenShift running on

  1. Linux on IBM Z z/VM OR KVM
  2. IBM products/Cloud Paks running in Kubernetes containers

Note: Linux container image & Linux VM on IBM Z z/VM OR KVM inventory, visibility, and licensing will be available in the 2023 Q1 coming release.

What do I need to do?

Flexera Kubernetes/OpenShift inventory agent is available in the Flexera One ITAM to download. You need to deploy to Kubernetes/OpenShift clusters running IBM software and turn ON the integration with IBM License Service. For On-Prem FNMS/ITAM customers, This feature will be part of the FNMS 2022 R2 release, due to be released in December 2022.

Note: Linux container image inventory will be available in the 2023 Q1 release.

Applies to

Flexera One ITAM

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R2 release (Planned to be released in December 2022)

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