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We are delighted to announce Flexera One ITAM SOAP API integration has been transitioned to Flexera One Identity and Access Management (IAM) from Flexera AGW (legacy identify provider). Now Flexera One ITAM users only need to get an IAM refresh token and any user account that has access to Flexera One ITAM should be able to the same account to generate a refresh token.

Flexera IAM integration is based on refresh and access tokens where the access token is short-lived to keep Flexera One access secure and robust.

Note: This will also remove the need for a separate web service account as an interactive account with access to ITAM can be used to generate token to access SOAP APIs.

What About Existing Integration

Flexera One ITAM SOAP APIs existing integration using AGW token will keep on working, also includes Flexera App Broker / Admin Studio On-Prem integration with Flexera One ITAM. If you are accessing Flexera One ITAM SOAP APIs, we highly recommend transitioning existing Flexera One ITAM SOAP API integrations to Flexera One IAM as Flexera AGW would not support this integration later in Q4 2022.

App Broker 2022 R1 On-Prem release will have out-of-the-box integration support with Flexera One ITAM using Flexera IAM for our Flexera One ITAM customers still using App Broker On-Prem. Flexera recommends upgrading App Broker to 2022 R1 or later. For any support, Flexera recommends reaching out to the Flexera support team always there to help you.

What Do I Need to do?

Download the Flexera One ITAM SOAP API’s integration webAPI configuration file that contains the Organization ID you want to integrate to access data through SOAP APIs.Generate a new refresh to generate a short-lived access token using the Flexera One IAM user account that has access to Flexera One ITAM. Flexera IAM refresh token is used issue access token to access SOAP APIs.

Existing API endpoints

New Endpoints for API Transition to Flexera One IAM

Flexera One ITAM Hosted in North America<insertorgid>

Flexera One ITAM Hosted in Europe<insertorgid>

Note: For UAT endpoints equivalent URL’s are available for North America( and Europe ( region.

Applies to

Flexera One ITAM

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