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Lifecycle dates--General Availability, End of Life, and Obsolete dates--are one of the enrichments that Technopedia provides on top of software releases. The dates are curated by Flexera's Content Team from various sources (direct from manufacturers' websites or other reliable sources). However, not every manufacturer provides this information publicly, therefore, Technopedia customers face the challenge of having to manage releases with missing lifecycle dates.
Calculated Lifecycle supplements the curated, research-based dates by introducing dynamic calculations on dates for a particular release based on existing dates from other related releases (e.g., releases under the same product, family, suite, manufacturer, category, and so on). These calculations will provide additional datapoints to customers who need to have explicit dates in their EOL management use-cases, while at the same time still maintain full transparency that they are calculated dates, not actual dates based on research/curation.
Customers coming from Data Platform will see this an improvement to the existing Calculated Lifecycle Date concept in Data Platform where the settings provide the ability to hard-code a very rough global parameter (e.g., set EOL dates equal to GA dates + 47 months) which does not give a very reliable prediction across various products/manufacturers.

What's in This Release?


  • New Calculated date fields in SoftwareLifecycle dataset in Flexera One Technopedia API
    These fields will contain calculated values based on the the algorithm that picks the best scenario ("case") to calculate the missing dates. Each date field--General Availability, End of Life, Obsolete--will have its own calculated date field.

  • New Calculated "case" fields in SoftwareLifecycle dataset in Flexera One Technopedia API
    These "case" fields will provide information about how the date was calculated (e.g., Calculated based on dates from other releases under the same Product, Calculated based on dates from other releases within the same Suite, etc.)


What's Next?


Calculated Lifecycle Dates from Flexera One Technopedia will be made available in various data consumption methods within Flexera One, including IT Visibility's dashboards and reports, exports, as well as API.


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