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Inventory devices of that appear on the Consumption tab of a license of type “IBM VPC” may be shown with a value of Resource Pool appearing in the Inventory device type column. When this occurs, the web UI cannot be used to exempt affected devices from consuming against the license.


The following conditions must be met for this issue to occur:

  1. A product that the IBM VPC license covers is defined in the application recognition library published by Flexera (that is, the product is not a local addition to the application recognition library).
  2. The inventory device appears in the consumption tree immediately under the product.
  3. The inventory device type is not “Virtual Machine” or “VM Host”.


A SQL query like the following can be executed against the compliance database to identify inventory device records affected by this issue on a particular license (identified by the license ID on the first line). This query returns no results for a license that is not affected by this issue.

DECLARE @LicenseID INT = 1234

FROM dbo.Grid_LicenseIBMProductComputerConsumptionListModelByLicense(@LicenseID, 0 NULL, NULL)
WHERE ComplianceComputerID IS NOT NULL AND TreeKey LIKE 'RP%'


This issue is caused by a logic error in the dbo.Grid_LicenseIBMProductComputerConsumptionListModelByLicense function in the compliance database. This function is used to obtain data that is shown on the Consumption tab of license records of type “IBM VPC”.

Affected versions

FlexNet Manager Suite 2020 R2 and later.

Fix status

This issue has been fixed in the following FlexNet Manager Suite releases: 2022 R2 (On Premises), 2022 R2 / Nov 2022 (Cloud)

Other information

Affected components: SAM for IBM, Software license management, Web UI

Master issue ID: IOK-708080

Also known as: FNML-76970

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I am also having same issue where inventory device is showing as resource pool and I am not able to exclude those devices manually.


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