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This article explains how to fix the issue of failing reconciliation on FlexNet Manager Suite 2015


The message of "Unexpected Error" is shown in the UI when "Reconcile" is run on FNMS2015.

In the webui.log you may see an error similar to:

Flexera.MessageQueue.MessageQueueInitializationException: Cannot write to queue; the current user may not have sufficient permissions, or the host address may be incorrect. Queue address: FormatName:DIRECT=OS:ServerName\private$\fnmsBatchProcessIncoming

Where ServerName is the name of the FNMS server.


This bug was introduced from FNMS2015 and the default configuration does not give impersonated users access to the MSMQ folders and as the users are impersonated (apart from the service account user set in the PowerShell script) all other operators receive this error.


The error was corrected in the installer with MD5 Signature "b4148f16878a0db680c5e792f0e2e462" uploaded on May 14, 2015 and in any later update.


Disabling ASP.NET impersonation on all applications and virtual directories fixes this issue.

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