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This article discusses the reservation of registry handles by mgssecsvc.exe which can cause handle leakage over time. This was quantified as a bug in FNMS-41312 and was fixed in FNMS 2017 R1.


When mgssecsvc.exe runs on a device with the inventory agent installed, a HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE handle is reserved which is never released. This behavior can be observed whether usage tracking is enabled or disabled. This can cause a build up of reserved handles over time.


Testing performed in FNMS-40620 shows that:
'The mgssecsvc wakes up every minute and does some processing which allocates a few handles but one handle for the HKLM is never released. This builds up over time. Considering a handle leak every minute it will grow with time. '


This issue has been permanently resolved in the FlexNet Manager Suite 2017 R1 inventory agent.


The current recommended workaround for users unable to deploy the FlexNet Manager Suite 2017 R1 inventory agent is to set HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\ManageSoft Corp\ManageSoft\VDI Endpoint Agent\CurrentVersion\Disabled = True

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