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What information is gathered from the Oracle Fusion Middleware (OracleFMW) inventory process?



OracleFMW gathers additional hardware information, along with files present and processes running on the target system.

The list of files and processes the agent looks for is given to us by Oracle's Verification Program.

This is confidential data that cannot be disclosed to customers.


There are three ways this data is gathered, however:

  • CPUQ Based on a component of the Oracle collection tool, we gather hardware information for machines running Oracle software
  • FMW Copies of defined configuration and log files from the system & the output of the 'opmnctl' command, if available
  • Logs A list of defined processes on the system, along with their parameters


Not all devices would show all three types of OracleFMW data.
We would expect to see CPUQ for all devices with OracleFMW evidence.
Some devices would not have the listed processes or files - we'd therefore not see FMW or Logs data reflected.


The lists of relevant FMW files or Logs processes are encrypted as part of the InventorySettings.xml configuration file for each Agent.
The files or processes list may be updated by the weekly ARL update.

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