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You can create custom reports in FlexNet Manager Suite or Flexera One IT Asset Management that allow you to design and save reports which include the information you choose. The custom report builder allows you to provide additional reporting on your data without using a third-party tool or directly querying the database. The available fields you can choose to include in your custom report can be found using the resources below.

FlexNet Manager Suite: Run the SQL query below to get the list of fields you can add to custom reports in your FlexNet Manager Suite environment. You can modify this query to include customized reporting fields.

USE FNMPCompliance -- Your Compliance database


r2.ResourceValue as Object,

r.ResourceValue as 'Column Name'

FROM ComplianceSearchTypeColumn c

LEFT JOIN ComplianceSearchType t on t.ComplianceSearchTypeID = c.ComplianceSearchTypeID

LEFT JOIN ResourceStringCultureType r on r.ResourceString = c.ColumnNameResourceName AND r.CultureType = 'en-US'

LEFT JOIN ResourceStringCultureType r2 on r2.ResourceString = t.TypeNameResourceName AND r2.CultureType = 'en-US'

WHERE c.ComplianceSearchTypeID <> -1

AND c.IsCustom = 0 -- Remove this line to include custom columns

ORDER BY r2.ResourceValue, r.ResourceValue 

Flexera One ITAM: See the attached file for the list of fields you can add to custom reports (ITAM Report Fields). This attachment does not include any custom fields created specifically for your organization’s Flexera One ITAM environment.

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