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Welcome to FlexNet Manager Suite Cloud

Welcome to FlexNet Manager Suite Cloud


This document is a high-level overview of important getting started tasks for new FlexNet Manager Suite Cloud customers.

Welcome to FlexNet Manager Suite Cloud

Welcome to FlexNet Manager Suite Cloud, the software license management and optimization tool that lets you take control of your enterprise's software assets.

This document is designed for new FlexNet Manager Suite customers and provides information specific to customers awaiting implementation. In addition to reviewing this information, we invite you to register for a course on Getting Started with Software License Optimization in FlexNet Manager.


  • Welcome to the FlexNet Manager Suite
  • FlexNet Manager Suite Environments
    • Production (PROD)
    • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Flexera System Status Dashboard
  • Your Resources
  • New Customer Checklist


FlexNet Manager Suite Environments

FlexNet Manager Suite for Cloud has two environments:

  • Production (PROD)
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

Note: Newly created accounts in the FlexNet Manager Suite environments not using SAML/SSO receive a password email from

Production (PROD)

The Production instance is a live environment.

PROD URLs take the following structure:

  • https://<yourcompany> (US)
  • https://<yourcompany> (EU)

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

The UAT environment is the place to perform configuration, integration development, testing and training.

UAT URLs take the following structure:

  • https://<yourcompany> (US)
  • https://<yourcompany> (EU)

Flexera System Status Dashboard

The Flexera System Status Dashboard ( provides real-time insights into service availability. This enables you to confirm or rule out a system disruption prior to contacting our Support Team. In addition to the dashboard display, you can subscribe for email, SMS or RSS notifications from the dashboard. By default, you are opted in to all product notifications. There is an option to select/de-select your product preferences to limit which notifications you receive for a specific cloud service availability.

The dashboard shows:

  • Scheduled outages, due to maintenance, or product or certificate updates
  • Unscheduled outages.

Your Resources


There are three types of product documentation:

  • Product-specific documentation
    Available from the Flexera Product Documentation site, as well as within the product itself.
  • Product release information
  • Adapters, Binaries, Beacon Tools

To access FlexNet Manager Suite product information, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the Flexera Community: and Sign In.sign-in.PNG
  2. Select FlexNet Manager from the products available.flexnet-manager.PNG
    The FlexNet Manager Suite page opens.
  3. From this page, you have several options:options.PNG
  • Select Product Documentation, Flexera’s repository for all documents related to your product; for example:
    • Online Help
    • User Guides
    • Resolved Issues, and more.
  • Select FlexNet Manager knowledge base for articles about FlexNet Manager, written by customers in the Community and Flexera employees.
  • Select FlexNet Manager forum for Questions and Answers about FlexNet Manager, posed and answered by customers in the Community and Flexera employees.
  • Select FlexNet Manager blog for the latest information updates about FlexNet Manager, posted by Flexera employees.
  • Select FlexNet Manager Release blog for the latest information updates related to releases of FlexNet Manager versions and components, posted by Flexera employees.

Flexera Community

The Flexera Community is the most efficient way to engage with your technical support team. Through the Community (login required), you can:

  • Access the Flexera Learning Centerlearning-center.PNG
  • Submit a support request, limited to two technical contacts per account
  • Access Knowledge Base articles
  • Engage with customers through product forums
  • Register for a Learning Lab through the Customer Event Calendar
  • Suggest a product enhancement through the Ideas forum.

Your Technical Support Team

Flexera's Technical Support team assists you with:

  • Configuration and integration, such as enabling single sign-on for FlexNet Manager Suite
  • Troubleshooting product issues on the cloud servers, beacons and agents
  • Managing requests for new features/changes to the product
  • Advice on supported integrations
  • Providing guidance on effective use of documentation and knowledge base articles.

Tip: If you did not receive the order confirmation or the Welcome to the Flexera Account Management Portal email, click here to reset your password.

Global Consulting Services and Technical Account Management

Flexera's team of industry experts is ready to engage with you regarding strategy, product implementation, training, and customized projects. The how is often the most pressing question. But the when is equally important. Our team employs slow in, fast out methodologies to deploy projects on-budget and on-time. For more information about these following services, email

  • Product implementation
  • Custom business adapters
  • Third party integration implementations
  • License positions.

Tip: We recommend customers start with accessing these topics in the product online help: Chapter One, Configuring Your Web Browser and Chapter Four, Management Dashboard. Another excellent resource is the Gathering FlexNet Inventory PDF that is accessible on the first page of the online help.

New Customer Checklist

The following items describe key onboarding tasks.

Item Description
FlexNet Environments
  • Accessed the Production and UAT environments
  • Bookmarked environment URLs
  • Created accounts and assigned roles in both the UAT and Production FlexNet Manager Suite environments for appropriate individuals
  • Located the online help library in both the UAT and Production FlexNet Manager Suite environments
Flexera  Community
  • Updated technical contacts in My Profile
  • Accessed the Flexera Learning Center
  • Registered for a course via the Learning Calendar
Flexera System Status Dashboard
Customer Resources
Prepare for Implementation
  • Documented your solution design, architecture, hardware and software asset management goals, initiatives and life cycle milestones
  • Prepared to record each step of the installation and customization details
  • Watched this recorded Learning Lab about how to assess your Software Asset Management (SAM) program
Software and Content Library Updates

Tip: We recommend you start with the Getting Started and Planning for Success Learning Path, located in the Flexera Learning Center (accessible via the Flexera Community).

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Hi Team, Any one has architectural diagram for the flexnet manager suite cloud, which represents a basic infrastructure. A diagram which can help the basics of the connections between Flexera Cloud and on prem beacon and agent. Thanks, Sushant

Hi Sushant, does the diagram for ports and URLs around the inventory beacon help? 

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