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This VM does not have a host message may appear, even though the VM has been linked to a host.


Under the 'All Inventory' page, you may encounter the following message appear when hovering over a red bubble, while the VM is linked to a Host:
This VM does not have a host


This only occurs because the system only re-evaluates alerts on Inventory Devices under three conditions:
  1. When a Device's serial number changes
  2. When a Device's status transitions between Active, Ignored or Awaiting Inventory
  3. When a Device is linked/unlinked from an Asset
This means that it is possible for a Virtual Machine to be linked to a Host but still has the alert displayed on versions prior to FlexNet Manager Suite 2015 R2 SP4.


This was tracked under FNMS-28311 and has been fixed in FlexNet Manager Suite 2015 R2 SP4.


The attached fix is a SQL script that can be run in two steps against your FNMSCompliance/FNMP Database for the versions of FlexNet Manager Suite 2015 R2 till FlexNet Manager Suite 2015 R2 SP3:
  1. Step #1: This script will create a new trigger as a permanent fix, which will refresh the Alerts whenever any VM or Host relationship changes
  2. Step #2: Since the trigger only runs when something changes, step #2 can be used as a one-time basis to refresh the Alerts for all of your Virtual Machines and Hosts that are in Active status.
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