The ndi files that fail to import via the inventory import task

The ndi files that fail to import via the inventory import task

Once a ndi file fails to import via the inventory import task, it will be removed to the one of the sub folders of %ProgramData%Flexera Software\Incoming\Inventories\Badlogs\

  • failure: Any generic failure resolving the ndi file
  • invalidcompression: applies to zipped files where the checksum of the file doesn't match (this is to ensure security)
  • invaliddata: ndi files are incomplete or corrupt
  • invalidformat: ndi files had incomplete xml
  • invalidlicense: no blade available for customer. e.g. vmware server inventory without vmware blade the file gets rejected and put into location.
  • invalidtenant: not able to find the tenant context. It's only valid for On-Demand or MSP configuration

If you need more detailed information, you can try re-importing the inventory file with the below steps to see what error happens.
1. Move the inventory file back to %ProgramData%Flexera Software\Incoming\Inventories\
2. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\ManageSoft\DotNET\bin
3. Run the command: mgsimport.exe -e -l -o create_no_windows=True -- -t inventories
4. The detailed error messages will be displayed on the console

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if you have files in ..\invaliddata,
please check the MachineUID in the NDI file and [ComputerUID] in the inventory db:

SELECT [ComputerID]
FROM [Inventory_DB].[dbo].[Computer_MT]
WHERE [ComputerCN] = 'server_prd01'

The import of the inventory files fails, because MachineUID
was not equal [ComputerUID] in the inventory db.

After I have deleted the device 'server_prd01' in the inventory db,
the import was done successfully. Then you must check if there are
two entries for the device in UI.

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