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In Flexera scope version 5.1.17 and 5.1.2, ServiceNowToFNMS script includes used Glide Aggregate to get the total record count which uses the chooseWindow() method to get the record counts.

As per the latest ServiceNow Documentation Product Documentation | ServiceNow chooseWindow() method is only supported by Glide records so if we fetch the total record count with Glide Record, we get a correct output but not with Glide Aggregate.

Check for symptoms in your ServiceNow instance.

Issue # 1

  • Check Export Run properties within the Export History view and notice the Counter is not incrementing and is stuck at 1

Issue # 2


  • Within the MID server where you have the 'x_fls_flexera_fnms_asset' XML file saved. You will notice the File Size keeps on going (In an endless loop), this can cause the server to lose disk space.
  • A way to stop this process is to DELETE the process within ServiceNow -> Flexera Integration -> Export History
  • Look for the Export Run, and DELETE it.


  1. Go to Script Include -> ServiceNowToFNMS
  2. Within the script look for the function name: sendData
  3. Look for the following line of code:



// agg.chooseWindow(recordFrom, recordTo);
//        agg.query();

var totalRecords = viewRec.getRowCount();
// agg.query();
// if ({
// totalRecords = agg.getAggregate('COUNT');
// }



Copy over the code (Or comment out lines 82-83 and 86-89, then remove comments for line 85

4. Save/Update


x_fls_flexera_fnms_asset XML file is generated completely and the export job is marked as success

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