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When logged on to ServiceNow as a user that is a member of the x_fls_flexera_fnms.admin role, certain pages in the Flexera Integration app are unaccessible. When you click on the menu option, it displays the message "Security constraints prevent access to requested page" in the right hand pane:


This happens for all of the Flexera Integration configuration pages highlighted below:




The screenshot below shows the user's role membership:



There are a few things to understand here:

• First and foremost, the "Flexera Integration" application is now used for both FlexNet Manager Suite (FNMS) and Flexera Data Platform (FDP) integrations, at this time, some views in the application are common, some are specific to FNMS and others FDP. This should be in product documentation.

• The x_fls_flexera_fnms.admin role has been created only for "integration" and not log in. You can still login though.

• Almost all the views in "Flexera Integration" application are views of some tables in ServiceNow.

• Most of these views are backed by ServiceNow tables, e.g. Computer, Virtual Machine, Scheduled Data Import etc., with some default filters so they only show Flexera data. ServiceNow defines permissions required to view (or access) tables, which are different for each table.

• Rest of these views are backed by custom tables added by our application, e.g. Import Run, Export Run, Inventory Imports etc., Flexera defines permissions to view (or access) these views, and x_fls_flexera_fnms.admin role allows viewing (or accessing) all these tables.


Given above, Flexera doesn't expect you to log into UI with integration user but if you still want a user to be able to view (or access) the restricted views, you can do it yourself. You would need to find the ServiceNow roles required to access the backend table and add those roles to your user. For example, to have your "fnmsadmin" user to be able to view Imported Records - Computers view, add cmdb_role role to your user.

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