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This article answers a few question about the ServiceNow Integration.


Q1. If a customer decides to export only the Applications, will ServiceNow still be able to map these applications to the devices in ServiceNow (which was populated with SCCM/ADDM and NOT from FNMS)?
Ans : No. FNMS sends the FNMS specific device IDs when exporting inventory and applications. The applications link process then looks up devices with this ID so if the other source records are not updated with these IDs, the applications wouldn't be linked.

However if they know that the devices already exist in their ServiceNow, they can configure FNMS-ServiceNow integration to 'update' (not create) those devices to achieve this. Basically instead of blindly ignoring, as on previous answer, they can extend the check to specifically ignore records only if the integration is going to 'create' a new record for a BMC/SMS device.

Q2. In the 'Hardware Inventory' Export, is it possible to exclude devices which are non-BMC and non-SMS, so that it brings in only the devices that were discovered by FlexNet Manager Suite?
Ans : The Computer transforms can be modified to achieve this. FNMS stores the Last Inventory Source and sends it to ServiceNow with every inventory record. The inventory source can then be checked during transformation and records having source other than FNMS can be ignored.

Q3. What kind of exclude capabilities are possible, if we wish to exclude 'games' and 'iTunes' etc from the Export?
Ans: The transforms can be tweaked to exclude based on various fields; check the Application/Inventory/Contract Imports views for all available fields.

Q4. 'Category' from FNMS is not showing in SNow? Can the process be 'customized' so that the 'Software Category' can be exported from FNMS to SNow?
Ans: If you are referring to Inventory Category, Software Category, we do not export it. In theory you can customize the exported columns, but you will need to get assistance from Services or Engineering , The support teams can not provide any support for customisations in this area if they are to alter ServiceNow export process.

Q5. Usage for all the software is showing '0', Why?
Ans: We do not send the usage information over to ServiceNow.

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