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Remote execution fails with error 'port 135 is not open'

Remote execution fails with error 'port 135 is not open'


This article addresses the error: '[ensure] ...the Windows Service Control Manager port 135 is open for remote connections.'


The following message would seem to indicate that access to port 135 is required for remote execution operations:

"...[INFO ] Failed to gather hardware and software inventory for device XXXX. Invalid credentials or other remote connection issues mean that the platform type cannot be determined. Ensure that specified credentials are valid, and (on non-Windows platforms) the SSH port 22, or the Windows Service Control Manager port 135, is open for remote connections."


Firstly the log is providing incorrect information because port 135 is actually not required - this is a known issue.

However, the error is being received because of another issue: File and Printer Sharing is disabled on the device.


You need file and printer sharing enabled for remote execution to work, and this uses port 139 which will need to opened.
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