Purchase Order

Purchase Order


Please consider the following scenario:

- Select an existing Purchase Order ? or even create a new one
- Select an Purchase Order Line that is not linked to an Entitlement ? or create a new PO Line and assign a license directly by the ?Licenses? tab, click ok and close the PO Line
- Select ?Edit/View?? for the PO Line and go to the ?Licenses? tab to assign an Entitlement and click ok (applies only for existing PO)
- Now, the focus is back on the PO Line Manager with the recently linked PO Line, but the Icon did not change from green to red
o I understand that this will remain unchanged unless the ?Apply? button was selected ? from my point of view that?s not an defect
- If the customer want?s to review the PO Line by selecting ?Edit/View?? again, the assigned Entitlement is gone.
- After confirming all changes by using ?Apply? the linked Entitlement is shown as well as the icon of the PO Line has changed.


This issue has been addressed.
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