Oracle Inventory Quality Troubleshooting Custom Report

Oracle Inventory Quality Troubleshooting Custom Report

Goal of the views and approach

Troubleshooting Oracle inventory issues can be fastidious, particularly when it come to analyzing the logs, discovered device detail per discovered device detail. 

The SQL view, that can be implemented on premise, catches all servers from the “All Discovered Devices” that are flagged as having Oracle installed. It also catches computers that may have Oracle Unspecified Edition Installed and are not in this list, it then brings the following data:

  • Server Name
  • IP address
  • List of inventoried instances
  • Log if the last Oracle inventory failed
  • Last Oracle log for the server
  • Last Discovery date

The report parses the error logs and prioritizes the issues:

  • Priority 1
    • Agent has identified Oracle from OUI evidences and no instance has been inventoried.
    • Oracle has been correctly recognized (with an edition) but no instance has been inventoried.
    • The server seems not inventoried and seems to have Oracle Installed from Discovery Information. Deploy and agent
    • No Instance was Inventoried and Invalid Credentials. OS Authentication not enabled?
  • Priority 2:
    • It looks like standby data guard instances have not been inventoried (db not in Open state)
  • Priority 3:
    • Some instances have been inventoried on the server, but others have failed in the last inventory




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Is this report available for FNMS cloud customers?

Hi @cartejam ,

While I can't speak directly for the author, I'm pretty certain that this report is only available on-premises, based on him writing "that can be implemented on premise", and that it requires a customer SQL view that cannot be implemented for individual customers in the cloud implementation.


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