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This article documents the enhancement surrounding an improvement to the control of how long Oracle data is retained before being deleted when no longer being inventoried. This enhancement is available in FNMS-32773


Given the following situation:
Oracle server A has Oracle databases: A1, A2 and A3
Oracle server B has Oracle databases: B1, B2 and B3

They changed their configuration and moved databases:
Oracle server A now has Oracle databases: A1 and A2
Oracle server B now has Oracle databases: B1, B3 and A3

In this case A3 has been moved and B2 has been deleted.

- How do we delete B2 from Flexnet (server B) as it is no longer an existing database?
- Database A3 is now showing on 2 servers: A and B
o How can it be deleted from A or should this be done automatically?
- Regarding db B2 and the old installation of db A3. Does FlexNet keeps this data for specific Oracle Licenses reasons as historical data in FNMS, if so how long? The expectation is that historical data for audit reasons should only be available via the Cognos reporting functionality.

Please note the source for Oracle inventory scanning is Oracle Enterprise Manager Adaptor.
The Oracle Admin reports on paper what Oracle databases have been deleted and updates the OEM.
Thus automatically removing the instance from the TNSNames.ora and the license managers would like to remove the instance from FlexNet Manager Suite.

How can the above mention scenario be handled with FlexNet Manager Suite?


The behavior you are witnessing is a feature of the program where the legacy information is cleaned up based on specific logic. An explanation from our Engineering team is contained below:

'An instance will be removed if it meets one of the following criteria:
The computer an instance was hosted on has reported hardware inventory x days since last hearing from the actual instance. (computer HWDATE is x days newer than instance inventory date);
The computer an instance was hosted on has reported it is hosting Oracle but the previous instance has not been heard from in x days.
(computer ServiceDate is x days newer than instance inventory date);'

The logic for the number of days which Oracle instance cleanup is based on is currently hard coded to 40 days.There is an enhancement to add functionality to FlexNet Manager Suite 2017 R1 to add a configurable option for Oracle cleanup tasks to the Web UI. This can be tracked through reference FNMS-32773. The only current workaround for this issue is to remove the devices from the 'All Discovered Devices' page
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