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VMWare License Keys are masked in FNMS


The license keys for application, which we are getting from vCenter in "VMWare Inventory" module are masked for "read only access" credentials and Full keys are visible while using privileged credentials.


Flexera's advice is that you use a VMWare Administrator account and so it is likely this is caused by a security blockage from the VMWare server.

Please see the below except from the online help relating to this:

Using Password Manager When Collecting Specialized Inventory

Inventory type: VMware infrastructure
Server type: VMware vCenter or VMware ESX servers

For each inventory beacon managing the target servers, add the credentials of the vCenter administrator to the Password Manager. Select Account on VMware VirtualCenter from the Account type drop-down to inventory a VMware vCenter Server, or select Account on VMware ESX server to inventory a VMware ESXi Server. For more information on VMware inventory, see VMware Device and Infrastructure Inventory.
Tip: Best practice is to take inventory of a VMware vCenter Server rather than individually targeting multiple VMware ESXi Servers being managed by it. When you inventory a VMware vCenter Server, the inventory beacon also inventories all the VMware ESXi Servers being managed by the vCenter Server.

http://<FNMS Server>/Suite/Help/webhelp/index.html#tasks/PwdStore_VMwareInfrastructure.html


Use a VMWare Administrator account for VMWare Inventory collection.
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