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Device records in ComplianceComputer with Compliance Computer Status ID 4

You might see records within the Compliance Computer Table of the database that have a compliancecomputerstatusID of 4, this status means 'Awaiting Inventory' or 'Dummy'.


These records are used as a placeholder until inventory is imported into FNMS.

A trigger on the ComplianceComputer table of the database updates the Awaiting inventory record on import of a NDI file that removes the dummy record.

The Dummy record if created by an asset, will have the same name. In the Asset table this will be the ShortDescription = ComputerName.

This record is created in multiple ways:

1. If you create an Asset, a Dummy record will be created until inventory for that device appears in FNMS.
2. If the inventory device is changed to ignored and the device no longer exists in the inventory source.

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Is there a process that cleans these up?

By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

@RobertH - if by "clean these up", you mean "deleted": there is no built-in process which would delete the type of records discussed in this article.

A ComplianceComputer record with a status of "4" does get deleted when a user deletes the associated asset record, but otherwise such records should not be deleted as the side effects and implications could be unpredictable.

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