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How to download your Oracle LMS evidence archive

How to download your Oracle LMS evidence archive


How you can download your Oracle LMS evidence archive file from FlexNet Manger Suite for submission to Oracle Corporation.


FlexNet Manager Suite will collect Oracle LMS (License Management Services) data for every Oracle Database instance when used with the Flexera inventory technologies such as the FlexNet inventory agent. The LMS data has the details (grouped into CSV files) about discovered Oracle database instances. If you have unrestricted access to your enterprise data, you can download and send this data to Oracle Corporation as part of data shared during an audit.

  1. To download the Oracle LMS evidence archive, navigate to the Oracle Instances page from Discovery & Inventory > Oracle Instances.
  2. If you have unrestricted access to your enterprise data, click the Download the archive link, next to the label Oracle LMS evidence archive. The archive is downloaded. Note: This unrestricted Oracle LMS evidence report is automatically regenerated during every compliance import (the default setting is scheduled overnight).
  3. Extract the archive to any folder. Several .csv files are extracted, along with two folders of additional data.
  4. Open the LMS_OVERVIEW.csv file in Microsoft Excel. Add your appropriate Customer Support Identifier (CSI) number in the ORACLE_CSI column of each row (FlexNet Manager Suite does not have the data available to finalize this column).
  5. Save the modified file in .csv format.
  6. Review other data as needed.
  7. Rezip the entire content into a single archive. You may now send the completed LMS audit evidence to Oracle for their assessment.
Note: If your access to data is restricted (for example, to a specific business entity), your report is similarly limited. Click the Generate the archive link. Wait a few minutes while your custom report is generated, and then refresh the web page (for example, press F5). A link for your most recently generated archive (matching your restricted scope) is displayed: click this new link. Your custom archive is downloaded (with the placeholder operatorName replaced with your account name).

Additional Information

You may wish to refer to the online help topic To download LMS data, if authorized in the Oracle Instances page.

Detailed information about configuring FlexNet Manager Suite for the collection of Oracle inventory is available from the Oracle Discovery and Inventory chapter in the FlexNet Manager Suite Systems Reference guide.

The Oracle License Management Services—Tooling page contains information from Oracle about tooling for gathering data.

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