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In 2019 R1+ version , FlexNet Manager Suite can integrate with cloud service product such as Amazon , Azure. The inventory machine created from those cloud providers will have a new tab "Cloud Hosting" when the user open an inventory. 

This article is to provide the instructions how to add custom properties such as text field in the sample code in the 'Cloud Hosting' tab.


In general, from online help System Reference do contain all the details steps and objects' internal name when creating custom properties in below link

However due to the resource limitation reason etc, the information for adding custom property in this tab is not included


The internal property names for "Cloud Hosting" are as follows:


  • Tag_CloudInstanceOnlyProperties
    = vm or computer
  • Tag_CloudHostOnlyProperties
    = vmhost
Type Name
LayoutTab Tab_CloudProperties
LayoutSection Section_VMCloudProperties
LayoutProperty Cloud_HostID
LayoutProperty Cloud_InstanceType
LayoutProperty Cloud_AvailabilityZone
LayoutProperty Cloud_InstanceRegion
LayoutProperty Cloud_LaunchTime


Type Name
LayoutProperty InstanceCloudID
LayoutProperty Cloud_ImageID
LayoutProperty Cloud_Account
LayoutProperty Cloud_NetworkID
LayoutProperty Cloud_MACAddress
LayoutProperty Cloud_Cores
LayoutProperty Cloud_ThreadsPerCore
LayoutProperty Cloud_LastKnownState
LayoutProperty Cloud_InstanceTenancy
LayoutProperty Cloud_LifeCycleMode
LayoutProperty Cloud_LaunchTime



Type Name
LayoutProperty Cloud_Host_LastKnownState


A sample code is list below (Please backup your DB before trying)

EXEC dbo.AddSectionToWebUIPropertiesPage
	@TargetTypeID = 14,
	@ExcludeTargetSubTypeIDs = '',
	@Name = 'ComputerProperties_Cloud_AdditionalProperties',
	@CultureType = 'en-US',
	@DisplayNameInPage = 'Additional Properties',
	@TabName = 'Tab_CloudProperties',
	@UIInsertTypeID = 2, -- 1 == before, 2 == after, 3 == start of
	@RelativePositionTo = 'Cloud_LaunchTime'

The above code will add new custom property as showing in the picture in the attachment session 

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