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Host name is case sensitive for oracle database. If the case of the host name doesn't match then FNMEA report is not pulling that data.

This issue is only observed in Oracle database and is working fine in SQL database.

Customer is expecting the hostname field in the report to ignore the case. For example hostname is "HOSTNAME1234" in Oracle database and in the report configuration page, if the customer provide the hostname as either "HOSTname1234" or "hostname1234", it should pull the data related to "HOSTNAME1234" as well.


 Hot-fix attached is specific to FNMEA version 2016R2(15.7)

Follow the below steps:

  1. Ask your DBA to make user_hostname column values in RPT_USAGE_LIC_EVENT_153 and RPT_USAGE_LIC_DEVENT_153 tables to uppercase in the reporting DB
  2. Apply this hotfix
  3. Whatever rl gets imported from now onwards will put all the user_hostnames in uppercase and the reports will get data for all the hostnames

Note: USS report filters should have only uppercase hostnames

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