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After applying the latest service pack (SP1) to your FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications 2022 R1 install, you may be redirected to a URL using HTTPS when trying to access the web interface. Once you’ve installed Service Pack 1, a redirect variable in one of the configuration files automatically redirects to HTTPS. The site will be blocked as untrusted if you do not have HTTPS/SSL configured.

connection not private.png


To remove the automatic redirect to HTTPS, follow these steps on both the Admin server and Reporting server.

  1. Navigate to the following directories and locate a file named standalone-full.xml.template.

<Install Directory>\FLEXnet\manager\admin\patches\installed\jboss\config\

<Install Directory>\reporting\patches\installed\jboss\config\

  1. Open the file in an editor such as Windows Notepad. Search for the following lines and remove them, then save the file.

On line 612: <filter-ref name="http-to-https" predicate="equals(%p,@{flexnet.port}@)"/>

On line 629:  <rewrite name="http-to-https" target="https://@{}@:@{https.port}@%U" redirect="true"/>

  1. Open a Command Prompt/Windows Terminal window as an administrator. Go to the install directory and run the command: flexnet site make.

<Install Directory>\FLEXnet\manager\admin\

<Install Directory\FLEXnet\manager\reporting\

  1. Start the Admin and Reporting services. You should now be able to access the web interface using HTTP.

http login.png


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