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FlexNet Manager Suite 2018 R2

Release: September, 2018
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FNMS 2018 R1

FNMS 2019 R1



Release Notes for FlexNet Manager Suite 2018 R2

FlexNet Manager Release Notes (English)
Notes de publication FlexNet Manager (Français)
FlexNet Manager Versionshinweise (Deutsch)
FlexNet Manager リリースノート (日本語)
FlexNet Manager Notas de la versión (Español)

Provides information relating to new features, significant changes, resolved issues, installation process and compatibility with other products.


Known Issues identified in FlexNet Manager Suite 2018 R2

Provides the current listing of issues relating to this release of FlexNet Manager Suite. This list may include issues resolved in any future release.

Additional Information

You can download the following updates from the Flexera Software Product and License Center:

Hotfix & Update Releases

These updates have been released for FlexNet Manager Suite 2018 R2.

FlexNet Manager Suite Update 2018R2-06

Investigating and resolving application recognition issues is easier than ever thanks to the new Evidence tab which lists the evidence discovered for a selected inventory device. After applying this update when you see a listing for an application which you don't think is installed, or if you can't find an application which you know is installed, you can view the evidence used to recognize the applications on that device. Using this new evidence view enables you to identify and then determine the best way to resolve any discrepancies.

FlexNet Manager Suite Hotfix 2018R2-05

Addresses an issue when processing purchases from the License Recommendations page. Any entries that recommend changing the licenses settings 'User multiplier infrequent' and/or 'User multiplier external', will fail to be applied.

FlexNet Manager Suite Hotfix 2018R2-04

FlexNet Manager Suite contains a license update engine that generates proposals to remove applications from licenses when the content license definitions indicate a given application should not be present on a license. Without applying his hotfix, accepting these recommendations will appear to be successful, however the application will not be removed from the license.

FlexNet Manager Suite Hotfix 2018R2-03

Fixes an issue when running a publisher specific reconciliation set to Oracle, the calculated licenses for IBM applications may be reset to zero.

IBM applications may be reset to zero.

FlexNet Manager Suite Hotfix 2018R2-02

Fixes an issue where FlexNet Manager Suite may not update a ServiceNow instance name change.

FlexNet Manager Suite Hotfix 2018R2-01

While using a proxy server, the Inventory Beacon will fail to get the account details for an Amazon Web Services inventory import.

FlexNet Manager Suite Update 2018R2-01 (cloud)


FlexNet Manager Suite Update 2018R2-01 (on-premises)

FlexNet Manager Suite has updated its ServiceNow integration application (FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises) to v4.0. This version has been certified by ServiceNow.

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Level 2


I cannot find the download page for FlexNet Manager 2018 R2 plug ins. Can you provide the new link?





By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

@j_collier  - I am not sure what you mean by "plug ins" (FlexNet doesn't have "plug ins" available for download), but in general you can access what downloads are available from the Other Resources > Product and License Center menu option in Flexera Community.

By Anonymous
Not applicable


@ChrisG @lyoung /anyone who can answer,

I want to know if FlexNet Manager Suite 2018 R2 is to be installed using one virtual server, where all 3 segregations of Application Server that are Web App, Batch & Inventory Servers will be created.

I want to know:

There are 2 installer folders available - 1. Normal and 2. Partitioned.

Which one should I use (between Normal & Partitioned folders) as I am not using 3 different physical/virtual servers to create all 3 Application Servers?

Thank you! 🙂

Level 6

Does each Hotfix contain the code for the previous hotfixes?

In other words, I've applied Hotfix 2.

Do I need to apply both 3 and 4 or does Hotfix 4 contain what was in 3?



By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

Looking into the hotfixes and their documentation, you should find them being independent. You should apply them all.

Level 6

After downloading and looking at the contents of each, I had assumed the same.

Thank you!

By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

Partitioning is a SQL Server function, you can read about it here I believe, since SQL Server 2016 SP1, it is available for all editions.

Regarding FNMS I think it is used for Multi Tenant (MT) implementations.

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