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When attempting to launch the FlexNet Beacon UI, an ERROR similar to the following is presented both in the UI and within the BeaconEngine.log:

[ERROR] Failed to load schedule summary from 'C:\ProgramData\Flexera Software\Beacon\schedule.xml'

In the log, this is also typically followed by a WARN message similar to the following:

[WARN] “Handling error that occurred during an IPC request: There is an error in XML document”


These errors can occur as a result of intermittent network failures when the inventory beacon requests and downloads the relevant XML from the application server.

For files that display a similar error, initiating a re-download of the impacted file will typically resolve the issue. Taking schedule.xml as an example:

  1. Rename the current schedule.xml file to schedule.xml.old
  2. Run services.msc
  3. Initiate a restart of the FlexNet Beacon Engine service
  4. Attempt to reopen the FlexNet Beacon UI

This will initiate another download attempt of the schedule.xml, which should arrive without errors if the download goes uninterrupted.

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