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Sometimes, customers observe that FNMS Management dashboard tile - Discovered devices with alerts number and its drilldown information is not syncing. Below is some Symptoms and the clarifications why these may happen.

1. The number on the widget 'Discovered devices with Alerts' and the grid showing the Discovered devices with the filter of alerts do not match.

There could be a delay of five minutes where there could be a mismatch in the number. The widget shows the number collected five minutes back, while the grid will show up-to-date and detailed information.

2. The number on the widget 'Discovered devices with Alerts' kept frequently changing, even though the discovery tasks were not running at that time.

Even though TD did not have discovery tasks scheduled, the IBM PVU scan was enabled, which means the beacons will perform remote inventory scans on all known VMWare vCenter and Oracle VM Manager (OVM) servers.

3. The number on the widget 'Discovered devices with Alerts' kept changing from one value to another frequently.

Once the beacons start performing remote inventory scans every 30 mins, they update the Discovered Devices with alerts view as and when they have a result. For example, beacon A may come back and report its findings on the remote inventory scans after five minutes. As a result, a number x will be seen on the widget, saying this beacon A could not access x vCenter servers. After a few more minutes, beacon B will report its results. Now a number y will show up on the widget, saying beacon B could not access y vCenter servers.

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