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How do I change a Service Account into an Interactive Account (and vice versa)?


I created a Service Account but meant to create an Interactive Account. How do I change this?


Changing a Service Account into an Interactive Account (and vice versa) is currently not possible without running an SQL query.

  • On FNMS Cloud (both US and EU), this must be requested through support.
  • On FNMS On-Premises, this can be remedied via the 'Workaround' available in this KB.


According to the online help available via the ? icon in the top-right of the Web UI, the difference between a Service and Interactive Account is the Web Service role is assigned automatically to a Service Account. You can read this by navigating down to System Menu -> Accounts -> Creating an Account.

Creating a Service Account, it can be seen that this is assigned the Web Service role and that the Interactive column of dbo.ComplianceOperator is set to 0.

Follow these steps to change the account into an Interactive Account (and vice versa by changing the SET Interactive statement to 0):
  1. Back up the FNMS Compliance DB, particularly the dbo.ComplianceOperator table.
  2. Change the role of the account and permissions as desired.
  3. Amend and run the following SQL command, adjusting the variable @OperatorLogin to the DOMAIN\username of the account:
    DECLARE @OperatorLogin varchar(255)
    SET @OperatorLogin = 'DOMAIN\username'
    UPDATE dbo.ComplianceOperator
    SET Interactive = 1
    WHERE OperatorLogin = @OperatorLogin

Additional Information

This is typically seen when a user that has been mistakenly set up as a service account tries to login and gets an access denied page with the following message:
Your account does not allow you to access FlexNet Manager Suite interactively.
Please contact your administrator.
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