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You can successfully run a business adapter data import but have rejected records that aren't imported to the FlexNet Manager Suite database. When this occurs, you will see the message, Null or empty value was found in criteria field [Column Name], where [Column Name] is the column's name from the source table.

This error is visible in Business Adapter Studio in View > History if Business Adapter Studio is connected to the database and your data is imported directly.

history import.png

If you are importing from the beacon, you can see the error in the system menu.pngSystem Menu > System Health > System Tasks.

sys tasks.png

Then select the rejection message link in the Summary column.

rejection messages.png

Common causes and resolutions

  • The column specified in the error message may be marked as Use this property for matching existing data, but the source table doesn't contain any values in that column.

Values in columns marked as Use this property for matching existing data are required. To resolve this issue, populate the source table for all cells within the column.

  • The Excel sheet used for the source table contains removed entries, and the reader is still importing the blank rows as entries.

To resolve this, you can do one of the following options:

  a. Delete the rows that no longer contain any data, or

  b. Copy only the cells that contain data, or

  c. Create a new Excel file with only cells that contain data

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