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This Article describes what bundles do in FNMS 2016 R1 & how they are different from bundles in the past.


A bundle allows users to facilitate the groupings of multiple software installations under the same entitlement. It also implements different business rules governing bundle license consumption, to enable the calculation of an optimized license position.
This means that if one product from the same bundle group lacks a license, then it can use one of the bundle licenses separately. Although this only applies if a product is a primary product, or one of the primary products.
Products have two assigned states within a bundle, either being primary or supplementary. A primary product must use a license. However a supplementary product can share a license with a primary product, so only one license is consumed. Although if no primary product is available, then it will consume the license attached to that application, or if no license is available at all then it will become an unlicensed product.

This is different from earlier FlexNet suites, in the fact that it has numerous options and customizations, which can be applied to both primary and supplementary licenses. Also bundles use the SKUs library, so they can be used to manage products such as a IBM DB2 with a Websphere. But the main difference is a licenses that covers multiple applications under one license, with the applications coming from different product families.

Additional Information

Key points to consider

What is a License Bundle
- It's not the same as the current Application Suite
- A license bundle is a license that covers multiple applications under one license with the applications coming from different product families.
- Usually there is one or more "primary" application, then based on the rules of the license additional supplementary applications that are covered under the primary applications license that may or may not consume additional entitlements.

A License Bundle will have the ability to support
- A primary product (or Multiple primary products) that cover as many versions/editions as desired.
- Supplementary products o a different range of Versions/editions.
- Or, supplementary products locked to a single version/edition

What's not currently supported but on the road map (As of FlexNet Manger Suite 2016 R1 release)
- Some license bundles have direct dependencies between the different applications on a license. For example, certain supplementary product versions only being for certain primary product versions
-This dependency between two individual application products is not supported i the current release of FNMS 2016 R1
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