About alert "There is a gap in maintenance coverage for this license"

About alert "There is a gap in maintenance coverage for this license"


This knowledge base article will describe an UI alert "There is a gap in maintenance coverage for this license" and how user can manage to fix this issue.


This knowledge base article will describe an UI alert "There is a gap in maintenance coverage for this license" and how user can manage to fix this issue.

From FlexNet Manager Suite version 2015 R2, there is a new license alert will be shown as below:

User-added image

Typical locations: License Properties, and listings of licenses.



There is a period between the "Expire date" of one purchase of maintenance and the "Effective date" of the next one for which some of the license entitlements are missing maintenance coverage.


Check the Purchases tab of the license properties. A similar alert appears on the purchase which ends the gap (let's call it "purchase B"). Check its Effective date; and for the purchase A immediately before this one (sorted in order of purchase date), check the Expiry date. if there are any days between, that cuase teh alert. Also check the maintenance quantity on purchase.
A against the entitlements on the license. Are they all covered ? You may either:

-- Find and insert any missing purchase records for additional maintenance
-- Correct any errors in the Effective date and Expiry date, or purchase quantities, in the various purchases' properties
-- With publisher's consent, set the Allow maintenance gap check box.
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Is the Allow maintenance gap check box still a thing? I don't see in my purchase tab. We are using on premise 2018 R1.

@kathy_allen - Allow maintenance gap may be hidden in the column chooser on the purchases grid for you. Click the column chooser button, and drag the column into the grid so that it is displayed:


@ChrisG - thank you, found it!

@ChrisG  - thanks I found it and added it. 


gap alert.JPG

@ChrisG- I am seeing instances where I have several individual purchases for a product tied to a license, each with its own effective/expiry dates. The purchases are perpetual and all fall under the version of the license. The license is has 'Planned non-reneal' checked. However a few of the purchases have this alert. Given they are all individual purchases, why is it flagging some of them?

@kathy_allen - it isn't clear from the screenshot what the alert you're asking about here is. The reason for the alert appearing on some purchase records and not others will likely be due to some differences between the records, but without knowing the alert in question it is hard to postulate much more than this.

@ChrisG The alert is for a gap in maintenance coverage.    there are 9 purchases attached to the license . they are perpetual licenses with maintenance and have the same SKU but just the last 3 have the alert. 

I get this alert when there shouldn't be an alert. I have an open ticket that is a bug, but it won't get fixed until 2020. Here's the statement on the case: Engineering rescored the bug and inform me that the target release date is around Q1 2020 due to the higher severity bugs they are working on in the second half of 2019.

Thanks @EHacking , good to know.

@ChrisG  Is there a place to find a list of all known bugs?

The Known Issue reports are available from the Product & License Center.

To access the Product & License Center

  1. Ensure that you are logged into the Flexera Community. Without a valid login, the file downloads are not available.
  2. From the top page of the Flexera Community, open FLEXNET MANAGER.
  3. Select Download Products and Licenses under the PRODUCT RESOURCES section.
  4. Choose the LET’S GO! Button under the group of products that includes FlexNet Manager Platform.
  5. Once the Product and License Center page has loaded, find and select FlexNet Manager Platform under Your Downloads.
  6. Under the Latest Version tab, you would typically see either the cloud or on-premises edition of FlexNet Manager Suite. Older versions of the on-premise edition reside under the Previous Versions tab. Click on your product.
  7. A list of available files to download will be presented. This will include a file similar to either:
  • Known issues for FlexNet Manager Suite Cloud Edition
  • Known Issues for FlexNet Manager Suite 2019 R1

Click on the presented file to download the report.

Thank you. We are on v2018 R1. I didn't see the gap in maintenance listed as a bug on the report. Is it for all versions or just some?

Hi Team,

i'm facing an issue with on prem 2018 R2 version and when trying to check the option allow maintenance gap and save its giving the below error.




Please suggest.




Generally an "Unexpected error" message like this indicates that some unhandled error has happened on the FlexNet Manager Suite web server that couldn't be recovered from. If the error is reproducible, the best course of action will likely be to raise a case with Flexera Support. If you are using FlexNet Manager Suite On-premises, be sure to send the C:\Program Data\Flexera Software\Compliance\Logging\WebUI\webui.log file from your web application server with the case. If you are using FlexNet Manager Suite Cloud, send through the Error ID details which Flexera Support will be able to use to associate to a particular error occurrence.

Hi @ChrisG ,

Thank you, will follow as suggested.




I've seen that error as well when trying to check the maintenance gap box in FNMS displayed in IE.  If I check the box while using FNMS via Google I do not get that error.

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