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When the Agent attempts to download the default machine schedule a "Download failure: 404 Network error" error is present in the Agent Installation log.


After the Flexnet Agent has been installed on the client, it may fail when downloading the default machine schedule with the error message below

Extract from the Installation.log

"<DateTimeStamp>Download failure: 404 Network error

?https://<MachineName>/ManageSoftDL/Schedules/Default Machine Schedule/Default Machine Schedule.osd? to ?C:\Users\<AccountName>\AppData\Local\Temp\NDL7269.osd?

<DateTimeStamp> Download failure: 404 Network error"



There are several causes that can produce this error message, the resolution section of this article contains the items that commonly cause this error message.




The following items are common causes of this error message:


1: If the Beacon is on the application server, the "Local Web Server" setting in the Beacon UI needs to be set to IIS. Note that it is highly recommended to install Beacon on a separate server as there could be potential conflicts with the application server. Selecting IIS also re-configures the IIS Applications if there has been any corruption. 

2: Check the account that is running the Flexnet Beacon Engine Service. Try to run as "Local System Account" (which is the default) or change to the Service account.

3: Check if Migration Mode is enabled. This can be verified by selecting "Discovery and inventory" > "Settings" in the web UI.


4: Are there any firewalls or network restrictions such as a proxy that could be restricting access? The URL from the Installation.log can be used in a web browser on the Agent machine and the Beacon machine to verify if the machines can communicate.


5: Verify the Beacon is downloading its policy by reviewing the BeaconEngine.log, the default location for this log file is: "C:\ProgramData\Flexera Software\Compliance\Logging\BeaconEngine."

6: Lastly, verify that .Net Framework has been registered on the Beacon system, if unsure re-register .Net.


Additional Information

The download error above also applies to the download of policy on the agent.  

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Level 6

What seems to help also at least on 2019 R1 is opening Beacon and switching to Local Web server and then back too IIS -> Save. The setting seems to reset and now .NPL download works and producing HTTP 200 response instead of 404.

Level 5

Actually, @anttimustonen 's tip was the resolution for us. Kudos for that.


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