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vCenter inventory of virtual machines managed by vCenter server

I need to know where I can find the most up to date documentation on how to properly setup vCenter virtual machine inventory. I setup the discovery rule, and included the subnet of the VM's, the IP address of the vCenter server, the DNS name of the vCenter server, and then finally I set it to look on all AD sites, but none of that yielded any inventory records although the job succeeded. Does anyone know where it is documented with the most up to date steps?

Thanks for your help.

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What I miss from your task list is:

  • Assign a Beacon to scan the IP subnets where the vCenter servers to be scanned are located
  • In addition to a discovery rule, you need an Inventory rule that targets the vCenter servers and uses an action that has both 'Discover VMWare infrastructure' as well as 'Gather VMware infrastructure inventory' enabled
  • On your vSphere server(s), you must have an Active Directory account configured that has (at least) read access to the data on your vCenter server
  • The account - user name and password - that you configured on your vCener server(s) must be configured in the password store on the Beacon that is executing the inventory rule for scanning the vCenter(s).

Most of this is documented in the "Collection from Virtual Environments" help page in the "Gathering FlexNet Inventory" help file.

In case you still have issues with scanning VMware, it is recommended to check the log files on the Beacon and enable additional logging specifically on the VMware scanning activity if needed.