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vCenter Licenses

How/where do we get an accurate count of vCenter licenses? The Installs do not match up to what we purchased.

Thanks for your help!

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@slharmon827 - That is why customers use FlexNet Manager.  To reconcile the number of licenses that you purchased against the actual number of licenses that you are consuming based on your current inventory. 

You can then see if you are buying too many licenses (a license surplus), or you are using more licenses that you have purchased and need to buy additional licenses so that you do not have a compliance risk (a license shortfall).


There can be several reason why you don't see an correct consumption.

You need to answer several questions:

  • Did you installed an agent on all vCenter devices that are know?
  • Did you run a remote audit of the vCenters?
  • If you installed an agent on vCenter and also run the vCenter audit from beacon server, the vCenter name is the same as the host? If the name don't match you can have duplicate consumption. 

Let's give you an example, you have a vCenter name xxx on Windows Server, you install an agent on the server, you receive the inventory and you know that there is a vCenter which is counting software, and inventory device is created.

Then you do a remote audit of the vCenter, doing this, the beacon will connect to the vCenter API and get the name from there, if this name is not the same as host name, a new inventory device will be created, and this will consume license, and you will end up with double consumption, what I can think is to ignore this duplicate from license count.

I encountered this issue because some vCenter admins named the vCenter after IP address 😠