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Where do I find info on auto downloading the ARL/PURL update files?

Hello, I am new to flexera and I need to configure the  download of ARL/PURL update files for FNMS On-Prem. Would you please let me know where do I find info on auto downloading the ARL/PURL update files from managesoft?



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Hello @nasirqudsi,

Assuming that your installation procedure has completed without any problems, on your batch server (or application server if using a single-server implementation), there should be a task named as follows within Microsoft Task Scheduler:

'Recognition data import' (under FlexNet Manager Platform folder)

To enable  automatic downloads and updates for the content libraries, this task will need to be enabled. By default, it runs daily at 1AM.

Note: you will need to manually run this task (right-click -> Run) the first time after you've installed the product.

I've attached the installation documentation for 2019 R2. If this version is incorrect, please consult the appropriate documentation at and note the section 'Populate the Downloadable Libraries'.

Logging for the task can be found in C:\ProgramData\Flexera Software\Compliance\Logging\Content, assuming you are running 2018 R2+.



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Thanks for the reply, I do have that scheduled on the app server but it is failing because the managesoft IP address has changed. Where would I configure the managesoft IP address change?

@nasirqudsi - You will likely need to work with your internal Network Team as they need to update Proxy/Firewall rules to allow a connection from your FlexNet Manager Server to the new URL/IP Address for downloading the content.