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Virtual machine does not have a host

We are facing issue with Virtual Machine's(both windows and Non windows OS) where many of them were not showing the host details under All Inventory and displaying Alert "This Virtual Machine does not have a host", not sure where the connectivity is missing and not sure what other troubleshooting can be done.  The last inventory source for these Virtual machines are SMS and FlexNet Manager Suite.

Request your suggestions in resolving the same.

Version: FNMS On-Premises 2019 R2 

Agent version :  14.0

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I've sometimes found it easier to investigate which hosts and virtual machines are returned from a vCenter server by using ESXQuery against it. You can download this utility from VMware Stand-alone Inventory Agent for FlexNet Manager Suite 


Hi. If dealing with VMWare, you need to gather inventory from the vCenter in order to get the link between the VM and the host.