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User privileges

Hi all!

Currently, we have a Flexera Cloud deployment, the security departement is asking about limitation of admin privileges over the users that were created during the deployment. The security departement , don´t let us to asign by default local admin privileges to a these users. And i have this question.

For the clould deployment, is there an official documentation regarding the roles needed for beacon users?, we only have seen for onpremise.


Thanks in advantage

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Hello @ssanchezp,

In the FNMS Web UI, if you navigate to Settings (top right) -> Accounts -> Roles tab -> Create a Role, you will be able to see a full listing of the granular permissions that can be applied to operator accounts in FNMS.

Once you have decided upon the permissions required, you can create a Role which will have these permissions.

Then, you can assign this newly-created Role to one or more of your FNMS operators. Further information available at the below links:

Are you able to elaborate further on the sort of tasks that these users will be carrying out in the Web UI?



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Thanks JJensen,

Our problem is reganding FNMS infraestructure, is the privileges in Windows system.

This is a requirement of the Inventory Beacon "Service" that is running.

The Beacon Service must run as either the Windows SYSTEM account, or the Beacon Service must run as a Windows Account that is a Local Windows Administrator, which would typically be a Service Account.

Without either of these requirements, the Inventory Beacon will not be able to function correctly.