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Under-Consumed Licenses

Does anyone know how FNMS calculates the dollar amount assigned to Under-Consumed Licenses in FNMS dashboard?  The dashboard shows a number of licenses and associated dollar amount but I can't see the dollar amount per license to see which license is causing the highest dollar amount.  We recently had a very high jump in $$ and I'm thinking it was related to a specific license but cannot tell how to find it.

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Hi Kathy,

The cost value is taken from the existing licenses at risk. If you have a look at the purchase tab, the unit price is either taken from your latest purchase or the override value. 

What you see in the Management Dashboard is the accumulated value across all publishers and their licenses at risk. If you want to see the risk values per license, simply use the data card and drill down to the publisher level, then product areas at risk, finally the licenses themselves.

Btw, FlexNet Manager can work across multiple currencies incl. exchange rates.

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I'm not sure how to drill down from the data card on the dashboard to actually give dollar values. I can select the under consumed dashboard card and filter on publisher, product, etc but don't get to a dollar value per license.

Hi Kathy

The Management Dashboard shows the global amounts across all data in FNMS but clicking on the Dashboard Card/Tile should drill down to the next level which is the Publisher Summary which should clarify which Publishers are contributing most $ to the global amount.  If you then click on a single Publisher card it should go down to the Product level  (showing which Products contribute the most etc) then click on a Product to see the list of Licenses and their amounts contributed.

In terms of the calculation FNMS essentially uses the data from a license that you can see on the "Purchases" tab of a license.  At the top there is an Override unit price and if this has a value then it is multiplied with the #licenses available.      If the Override Unit Price is empty FNMS falls back to looking at historical purchases and will choose the most recent line item where new entitlements had a cost amount (i.e. Software - not maintenance or upgrades etc).


The License Compliance > Product Summary and License Compliance > License Summary menu options will also get you to the same places as you get to from drilling down through the dashboard tile. Here is a sample of what these grids show (with somewhat artificial numbers!) - one shows a product-focused view, while the other shows a license-focused view:



One situation I've seen causing a massive "under purchased" value being calculated is when a total purchase price is entered in to the "Unit price" field on a purchase record. This can result in FlexNet thinking that each individual license you need to purchase to true-up for a bit of software has a massive price tag attached.

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The screenshots provided show dollar values for publishers at risk.  I'm actually looking for dollar values for under consumed licenses.  Something happened to a license recently that caused the value to go from millions to billions and there is no way to 'find' that license based on dollar values that I can see.  In the under consumed view, you only see consumption numbers, I'd like to see the unit price per license (most don't have an over ride price)or something to identify the license with the issue. 

Ahh yes, I was thinking the other way around from you.

I don't think there is anywhere in the system that gives a breakdown of the under-consumed $ amount by individual product or license - the drill down from the tile on the dashboard shows the related licenses, but not the individual $ amounts that make up the global amount. I've encountered this before too, and just had to go through records by brute force to find details.

You may wish to post something in the following thread to suggest an improvement in this area to show the individual amounts that contribute to the global amount: Have an idea for changing FlexNet Manager? The product team wants to hear it

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One option is to use Cognos which does expose the calculated unit price of a license as well as the purchased/consumed/available counts of licenses.   

Note that this is using the operational model (FlexNet ManagePlatform Reports and Dashboard) so is only available if you are using FNMS on-prem.  Here's a quick mock-up of what it might look like and the data model objects used further down.




Thanks Murray. That seems to be what I'm looking for. Unfortunately I cannot recreate that report in Analytics.

I am dealing with this exact scenario (Total price entered into unit price; causing under-consumption calculations in the billions)

  1. I've repaired the unit price math on a record-by-record level on all of the offending purchase records
  2. I've also attempted to use the Over ride unit price on the license record to make the same repairs.

Through each option above, after full system reconcilliations, the "under consumed" gauge on the main dashboard is still showing the original math in the billions. Any ideas why this is happening and/or how to fix it? @ChrisG @MurrayPeters 

Most of the data on the Management Dashboard is "Cached" and is not calculated in real-time for performance reasons.

Have you seen the numbers change on the Dashboard over time, or are they still the same?

I see the Publishers at Risk and Under Purchased tile change nearly daily after our work and full system reconciliation jobs.

However, for the "Over spent" tile, which is the one in question here, it has been nearly 2 weeks since the original purchase record values were resolved, and our daily reconciliation has been running.

Revisiting, still looking for resolution.

  1. Fixing the base-level purchase records hasn't worked
  2. Using Override Unit Price hasn't worked

Numerous days and full system reconciles since both fixes tried.

How do we get this gauge to recalculate?


If you haven't already, I would recommend that you raise a support case to get assistance in troubleshooting this issue.

Please inform the community members about its resolution if you think other members would benefit from it.