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Tracker.log is missing

Hi all,
Im doing a new implementation and installed beacon and agent. The tracker.log on agent installed device is missing but the device is reporting to flexera. Any workaround or KB for this?
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What folder are you looking for the tracker.log in? Maybe you are just looking at the wrong place?
After FlexNet Manager Suite Logging Reference :

FlexNet inventory agent logging

Logging location

FlexNet inventory agent logs are typically stored under:

  • On Windows: C:\Windows\Temp\ManageSoft for processes invoked using the SYSTEM identity, or C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp\ManageSoft for processes invoked as a named user

    Tip: When connecting to a computer using Remote Desktop, watch out for temporary session folders which may contain logs, e.g. 'C:\Users\TonyM\AppData\Local\Temp\6\ManageSoft'. RDP generates a temporary session folder by default for %TEMP%. Make sure you are looking at the correct log by checking the timestamps.

  • On Unix-like operating systems: /var/opt/managesoft/log
I could see all the other log files like installation.log, uploader.log in temp folder of windows but tracker.log is missing
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Community Manager

Seeing logs from other agent components and just the tracker.log missing suggests the tracker (ndtrack) process has not run on this computer.

You could search in the scheduler.log file for evidence to confirm this - e.g. does the scheduler.log show ndtrack being run at any time?

Also look in the uploader.log to see if files are being uploaded, and installation.log to see if policy is being downloaded and applied successfully.

Hopefully somewhere in there you will find something that helps you understand what is and is not happening on this computer.

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I would agree if @Baz967 had not mentioned that the device is reporting to Flexera (unless the inventory source is other than 'FlexNet Manager Suite'.) 
@Baz967 , can you check what is the last inventory source for that device in All Inventory?
Also is there an .ndi file showing in 'C:\ProgramData\ManageSoft Corp\ManageSoft\Tracker\Inventories' on the device?

You don't specify whether the device onto which the agent is installed is Windows or Linux.  If it's Linux, you may see a similarly named file called mgs1-tracker.log which contains the initial hardware "check-in" and is only written to once.  There isn't software inventory at this point, but this could explain why you see it in Flexera.